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Juggernaut fiction editor and author of The Devourers Indrapramit Das chooses his #BestReads2016

A compelling biography of Indira Gandhi, aliens in Delhi & a retelling of fables from the Koran -- these are books you will want to read over and over.

Curiosity Quills books have been bestsellers in the US, featuring authors such as J.R. Rain, whose books have sold over a million copies online.

  Do you write everyday? Where and when do you write? Writing is thinking through small and hard problems for me; being aware of one’s surroundings and emotions. In a way, I’m always in this meditative zone. After I’ve thought through a problem or an emotion or a set of them, the physical act of recording these...

Juggernaut author Vajra Chandrasekera chooses his best SFF books in recent years.

A novella written by a computer almost won a literary prize, a new publishing startup that predicts bestsellers, and JKR's rejection letters

I discovered the French really love their books, and more than half of the fiction published there comes from across the world through translations

More fantastical tales from South Asian writers

Some notes on defining non-realist fiction

Tips on writing speculative fiction