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On the birthday of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, test how well you know about the 11th President of India. Take this quiz and celebrate his life, his achievements, and his dedication to the country he served with great honor.

Love is an emotion. Words flow to express emotions. Take this quiz and find out the words of which book are your true love!  

Some literary characters simply become iconic. They come to life in a way that they become a real person you would like to know. And sometimes, you would like to date as well! Try out our lit-fic quiz and find out which literary fiction character should you date?

Have had some unimaginable, unexplainable and unbelievable experiences this year? Life looks like a thriller & horror combined movie? Come take this interesting quiz and find out which horror novel’s plot line describes your unexplainable life!

Every girl dreams of her Prince Charming, but the difficult part is finding him. Your prince charming could be a charismatic Richie Rich, a hotshot Army man or even a cool swag chocolate boy! Take this quiz and find out who fits the description of your Prince Charming. based on your likes and preferences. (Inspired...

Everyone knows that Diwali was celebrated when Ram returned from vanawas with Sita and Lakshman but as they say, it’s about the journey, not the destination. Test your knowledge about the epic this season, and know what cracker you are worthy of according to us.

Terms and conditions Use the hashtag #DemocracysXI and RT the question to answer The answers will be judged on precision and speed The questions will be based on Indian cricketers By participating the quiz, you agree to comply with the Terms and Conditions. Answers that don’t follow the instructions won’t be taken...

In recent development, being a “nerd” is cool again, but the original nerds never cared about the fashion statement of the word anyway. Answer our questions and we’ll tell who you relate as the cool nerd in the literary universe.

Before you even object to how we know nothing about your kind of writing, give us a chance. Tell us your favourite books from each genre and we’ll tell you what writing profession suits you the best.

In the light of the celebrating our 70th Independence Day this year, we forgot that not only did freedom not come easy to us, but it wasn’t ever wholesome. The powers that be, censor and ban things and it is our responsibility as citizens of the biggest democracy to reach out to these mindful laws and get to the...