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Ameya: This is Talking Books from Juggernaut and the Indian Express. A show that brings you conversations with the best and brightest minds in India and takes you beyond books and into the world of ideas. Air pollution is becoming a bigger and bigger issue in our lives, especially in India. According to the World...

From 1977 to 2001, endosulfan spraying in cashew plantations of some 6,000 hectares poisoned 11 whole panchayats in the Kasaragod District of Kerala.

An excerpt from Swarga, Malayalam writer Ambikasutan Mangad's bestselling work based on the real-life endosulfan poisoning in Kerala

Choked author Pallavi Aiyar offers simple solutions to lessen the impact.

An interview with Pallavi Aiyar, author of Choked!, the most important book on pollution you need to read now!

Read an excerpt from Pallavi Aiyar's Choked! to find out why

Less than 3 days to Diwali, and Delhi's air pollution levels are already Severe!