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Rich Dad, Poor Dad written by Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter advocates financial literacy and financial independence. Here in this excerpt from the book, they throw light on steps to awaken your financial genius. Read more such insightful details on building wealth and investments from Insights from Rich Dad...

  For today’s #ReadInstead Litfest session, we had Manu S Pillai, author of Rebel Sultans, give us a fantastic lowdown of the untold story of India’s Rebel Sultans. You can now read about his intriguing session here:  Rebel Sultans is a book of history that is limited to the region that we call Deccan which is...

Getting a book deal is not easy. If you’ve been trying to get published, you’d know. Writers are either wondering whether their story has even been read by an editor, or reeling from a rejection letter. We’re trying to change this with the Juggernaut Writing Platform. On an average, 12 new uploads pop up on the platform...

फिल्मी सितारों की जीवनियां लिखने के अनुभव पर लेखक और टीवी पत्रकार यासिर उस्मान का ब्लॉग

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Rustom was based on the Nanavati case. But it got more things wrong than right.

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Sidin Vadukut on why he decided to write about a 24-year-old murder case involving a NRI family, drug dealers and police informants

From an intriguing debate about mankind to breaking the myths about modern China, here are bestselling author Husain Haqqani's favourite books of 2016