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Is choosing a PM as easy as choosing a restaurant to eat at? Find out.

Make sure you're on top of the demonetisation debate with these books!

Ex-minister and national Congress spokesperson Manish Tewari hits out at the Narendra Modi government

Congress leader and ex-UPA minister Manish Tewari on two years of the Modi government

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s life is an inspiration for anyone who aspires to do great things, overcoming obstacles of poverty and hardship in the process. Resolve and determination to sail against the wind have made the child chaiwala from Vadnagar the most powerful leader of the largest democracy in the...

Maximum City author Suketu Mehta in conversation with Juggernaut publisher Chiki Sarkar

The first Indian winner of the Commonwealth Short Story Prize. Sacred Games will soon be on Netflix. All this and more, in this week's Elsewhere in Publishing & Digital Media