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Professional and assassins are a unique lot – killers who ply their deadly trade in return for cash, killing without knowing the person and the motive of the murder. There are four categories of contract killers. Let’s find out where you belong!

Arnab Ray’s The Mahabharata Murders is creating quite a buzz. We received an overwhelming response from the press and our readers. Here are some reviews and tweets shared about the book. Have a look and you might be enticed to read the book itself! Riju Ganguly’s review on Amazon says, “This thriller, which also...

Mayur Didolkar is a fan of popular fiction and has published one novel "The Dark Road" where a super-smart private detective, Prasanna Killedar, investigates a murder of a young girl. Here he talks about his all time favourite women detectives in fiction. 

Commander Nanavati strode in each day, medals glinting on his broad chest, the ceremonial sword at his trim waist.