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April, the month of books has ended, and with the addition of 138 new titles in its catalog Juggernaut Books has kept its promise of enthralling its readers with exciting books. Just like every month, we bring you a summary of some of the most loved books of the month by our readers. Top Books of the month  Paid...

March was the Juggernaut Month for Women. Here are the most-read books our readers loved on Juggernaut. The most read women authors for the month: To The Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf • The Last Smile by Swapna Sundaram • Chup: Breaking the Silence About India’s Women by Deepa Narayan • Combat Skirts by...

The Chocolate Men When the corps disbanded on 14 February 1900, Gandhi raised the issue of the ‘Queen’s Chocolate’ that had been given as a gift to (white) soldiers. He wrote to Chamberlain on 22 February to request a chocolate each for the Ambulance Corps leaders who had ‘volunteered without pay’ and would...

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