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Lieutenant Praveen Tomar of 2 Raj Rif was another of the survivors of  Tololing. He wrote to his friend Gagan, also a soldier, a detailed account of one of the bloodiest battles in India that he was now witnessing. His account makes for one of the most powerful letters in this book. 25 June 1999 Dear Gagan, 1. It has...

In May 1999 India was invaded by Pakistan in Kargil in a surprise attack. In this short account, Diksha Dwivedi, whose father was one of the martyrs of that war, brings alive the battleground through the voices of the soldiers. HOW IT BEGAN is an excerpt from LETTERS FROM KARGIL, out in August 2017.

Letters from the Kargil war, and a shocking true story about a most outrageous idol thief, these are books you'll read over and over.