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We’re excited to announce a strategic distribution partnership with Apollo hospitals, starting with a pilot at their flagship hospital in Jasola, New Delhi. Patients and caregivers can now access 10 free books on the Juggernaut app through a collection exclusively curated for them. The information about this is...

New Delhi, 7 November 2017: Barkha Dutt, one of India’s most acclaimed TV journalists, will write a book on Indian politics in the last two decades called Power, telling the twinned stories of the changing fortunes of the Congress Party and the rise of the BJP through the men and women who shaped the...

On Edgar Allan Poe's 208th birth anniversary, we decided to trawl through twitter and celebrate his sardonic take on life.

What happened after Nader Shah stripped the Peacock Throne of the Kohinoor?

Juggernaut Books & ABP News are delighted to announce the forthcoming publication of a book based on ABP News’ popular TV show Bharatvarsh, hosted by Anupam Kher

A new Suketu Mehta story, tales from the Ramayana, India's war in Bastar, an English translation of a banned Hindi novel and so much more.

In conversation with Dr Kate Brittlebank, the world's leading authority on Tipu Sultan and author of Tiger: The Life of Tipu Sultan

Read an excerpt from Ringside with Vijender, the story of why India's poster boy of boxing turned pro

Listen to a short excerpt from Operation Cactus, the story of India's most daredevil military operation you've never heard of!

Juggernaut Books will publish the memoirs of Rajat Gupta, former head of McKinsey worldwide, who was charged in the largest insider trading case in United States’ history.