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Tony Joseph, author of Early Indians, gave a super enlightening #ReadInstead Lit fest Masterclass on ‘Who Are Our Ancestors, And Where We Came From’. His book Early Indians has won several awards like Atta Galatta Bangalore Lit fest Award for Best Non-Fiction Book 2019, the TATA Lit Live! Book of the Year Award...

Who won the Battle of Haldighati, fought between Emperor Akbar’s Mughal army and the Mewar forces of Maharana Pratap? The question continues to arouse controversy, 442 years after that legendary encounter. Last year, the Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education approved a revision of the Class X  Social Science Text...

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In conversation with Dr Kate Brittlebank, the world's leading authority on Tipu Sultan and author of Tiger: The Life of Tipu Sultan

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Juggernaut will publish a book on the Tiger of Mysore by Kate Brittlebank, one of the world's leading authorities on Tipu Sultan.