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Diksha was eight years old when she lost her father, a soldier, in the Kargil War. Major Dwivedi would write many loving letters to his family when he was on duty. Diksha and her sister Neha would read and re-read those letters as a way to remember him. Three years ago, she decided to collect other such letters that...

बंटवारे के उनहत्तर साल बीतने के बाद यह यकीन करना मुश्किल है कि गांधी बंटवारे के बाद पाकिस्तान को अलग हुए भाई की तरह मानना...

“You’re an army kid” is a phrase anyone from a defence background is way too familiar with. And it feels as honourable as it sounds, because with the responsibility of letting your family put the country before you, comes pride. Being a fauji kid is not all about the mess, the CSD canteen, stylish Ray bans...

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India's military involvement in Sri Lanka - often called 'India's Vietnam' - began with the LTTE turning on their Indian masters, writes Sushant Singh

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