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When I was in college, my friends and I would pass around romance novels to each other on the sly, hoping our English teachers wouldn’t spot us reading these juicy novels and give us a hard time. Romance novels were generally considered trashy although no teacher expressly told us not to read them. They were...

Getting a book deal is not easy. If you’ve been trying to get published, you’d know. Writers are either wondering whether their story has even been read by an editor, or reeling from a rejection letter. We’re trying to change this with the Juggernaut Writing Platform. On an average, 12 new uploads pop up on the platform...

In this week's #HowWritersWrite, Meena Kandasamy on time travel, the books she'd carry on a deserted island, and writing in the silence of the night

In this week's #HowWritersWrite, art gallery owner and author V. Sanjay Kumar tells us about the one piece of art he would kill to have

Our Writer's Platform is the place to showcase your talent and find the readers you've always been looking for. The platform is easy-to-use, allows for a lot of engagement and makes the entire process of creating and publishing a book truly social.

Rana Safvi, the author of Tales from the Quran and Hadith, on her love for Urdu poetry, roaming and exploring and writing at the Qila e Moalla

Debut novelist Kabir Mandrekar on why he writes in his pyjamas, and being perennially distracted by the internet.

In this week's #HowWritersWrite, Anita Nair tells us about the art of the short story, and using different pens for different genres

Andaleeb Wajid on what prompted her to choose culinary romance as her preferred genre.

  Do you write everyday? Where and when do you write? Writing is thinking through small and hard problems for me; being aware of one’s surroundings and emotions. In a way, I’m always in this meditative zone. After I’ve thought through a problem or an emotion or a set of them, the physical act of recording these...