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Have had some unimaginable, unexplainable and unbelievable experiences this year? Life looks like a thriller & horror combined movie? Come take this interesting quiz and find out which horror novel’s plot line describes your unexplainable life!

Asif Uzzaman is a young writer based in Ranchi. Born and brought up in Patna, he is currently pursuing his Higher Secondary education in Humanities. Horror, Magic Realism, Literary fiction, and light Romance are among his preferred genres. His stories and poems have appeared in several anthologies including Lifenama,...

Looking for the perfect spooky read for a cold, rainy night that will certainly give you a thrill? “It Rained that Night” is the perfect read for you. The story of Anand, a writer chasing a deadline, who rents a guest house to complete his book. But there’s something really eery about this place and one rainy...

Time in an endless loop. The birds. And your own damn car. These micro-horror stories will keep you up all night.

Nandini Nayar, author of Don't Tell Your Mother, on writing about monsters and childhood

Indrapramit Das on why we love Don't Tell Your Mother, Nandini Nayar's new novel which will take you back to childhood and make you face your greatest fears!