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An Indian empire at the peak of its power. Everyone wants a share of the riches of Nagapattinam. When a Greek pirate ship sails in to loot the wealth of the Cholas, it is brutally defeated by the navy and forced to pay a compensation. A payment that includes a twelve-year-old girl, Aremis. Here is an excerpt from the...

We know you haven’t had an affair with your History books after your board exams, eons ago, but dust them off and take a quiz to test your knowledge. Revisit with us the glory and shine of ancient India with its kings, kingdoms, and war.

5 Hindi novels by some of the best chroniclers of Indian history to make sense of the India of today

Remember Hank finding out WW is Walter White? If it wasn't for poetry, he couldn't have done that.

7 reasons why Virginia Woolf's feminism still shows us the way ahead

Some people think Shakespeare may not have existed at all, and that someone else wrote his plays under a pseudonym

The couple lived separately, Indira Gandhi in the PM’s house and Feroze Sa’ab in the MP quarters some distance away.

The night the Emergency was declared, all opposition leaders were arrested by 3 am. Power to newspaper offices was cut before midnight.

An interview with Anand Neelakantan, author of Asura, and the Ajaya series.

#BestReads2016 continues with Anita Anand, journalist and author