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In 2010, Om Swami left renounced his wealth to begin his spiritual journey. Almost a decade later, he describes himself as a non-traditional, simple sadhu in a complex world. How does one achieve happiness? How does one overcome fear? Happiness is a state of mind. But how does one achieve that state. The paths are...

On Ambedkar’s 126th birth anniversary, here’s a list of the most relevant books on the caste system for the generation of today

We celebrate the birth of Rama with a modern retelling of Valmiki's original Ramayana

A new book takes management lessons from Lord Krishna and his sayings and actions in the Bhagavad Gita

Renuka Narayanan on how Hindu scriptures suggest the ideal qualities of a good wife, but never that of a good husband.

An excerpt from Hind Swaraj, Mahatma Gandhi's short polemic on self-rule, Indian civilization, and how the English corrupted India.

Ambedkar highlighted inequalities under the Peshwas in Maratha country as examples of how caste is rooted in evil.

Renuka Narayanan on what makes Hindu fables tick, and be passed down from generation to generation.

From the Vedas to Vivekananda, from 'shoot-outs' between the earthly and the spiritual, these stories contain the essence of Hinduism in them.

Watch 10-year-old Shayan stump Ramayana scholar Arshia Sattar