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Imagine you’re reading a book set in India in 2017, and you arrive at this passage. Dad was looking at his phone, chuckling at one of those American chat show hosts lambasting President Trump. This was the right time. “Dad,” I said. He looked up. “I want some money … for, um, notebooks,” I said. He...

Sayoni Basu on the 10 girls from Indian children's books who are simply outstanding!

A good book reminds children to be mindful, to respect people. There’s nothing revolutionary about that; it is boring and mundane, but it is the way to live and be.

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Why family is generally overrated, and why hot chocolate, and sometimes Bloody Marys too, bring out the best in relationships.

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A conversation with Sayoni Basu, publisher at Duckbill, on why Indian teens don't read too many homegrown authors, and publishing for children in India.

A writer of children's books is given just seven days to do what feels like the impossible.