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Ameya: This is Talking Books from Juggernaut and the Indian Express. A show that brings you conversations with the best and brightest minds in India and takes you beyond books and into the world of ideas. Air pollution is becoming a bigger and bigger issue in our lives, especially in India. According to the World...

Everyone knows that Diwali was celebrated when Ram returned from vanawas with Sita and Lakshman but as they say, it’s about the journey, not the destination. Test your knowledge about the epic this season, and know what cracker you are worthy of according to us.

Dirty air is truly democratic. It cuts across caste and class barriers. Everyone breathes it and therefore everyone should have a strong interest in cleaning it up.  What do you do when it harms you just to breathe? Year after year, Delhiites dread this time of year. The festival of lights turns into the festival of...

An interview with Pallavi Aiyar, author of Choked!, the most important book on pollution you need to read now!

Read an excerpt from Pallavi Aiyar's Choked! to find out why

How much mithai can one person eat? Diwali gifts can be fun and not empty your wallet!