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Dear fellow Indian Mothers, I believe no mother asks her child to hate another child. So it was disturbing and shocking when Zareen told me, ‘My little one is only six-and-a-half years old and was hit in school for being a Muslim.’ A student sitting on the same bench as her daughter, Samaira, asked her,...

Indian history has more than its fair share of villains whom we love to hate – Mahmud of Ghazni, Mohammad of Ghur, Alauddin Khalji, Mohammad bin Tughlaq, Aurangzeb to name a few. At present though, it is Alauddin Khalji’s moment to shine. Believed to be the most sadistic Shah of all time, was he truly deserving...

Dirty air is truly democratic. It cuts across caste and class barriers. Everyone breathes it and therefore everyone should have a strong interest in cleaning it up.  What do you do when it harms you just to breathe? Year after year, Delhiites dread this time of year. The festival of lights turns into the festival of...

The night the Emergency was declared, all opposition leaders were arrested by 3 am. Power to newspaper offices was cut before midnight.

With demonetisation, real estate markets across India have come to a standstill.

Choked author Pallavi Aiyar offers simple solutions to lessen the impact.

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Less than 3 days to Diwali, and Delhi's air pollution levels are already Severe!

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