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Detectives come in all shapes and sizes. The idea that a successful detective needs to be good looking, toned, deep mesmerizing eyes with a rock solid square jaw line would rule out most of the world’s most famous fiction detectives. A favorite Belgian with a handlebar mustache certainly wouldn’t fit this bill....

Do you have it in you to pick up the clues and solve crimes?

Mayur Didolkar is a fan of popular fiction and has published one novel "The Dark Road" where a super-smart private detective, Prasanna Killedar, investigates a murder of a young girl. Here he talks about his all time favourite women detectives in fiction. 

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The man who gave us Sherlock Holmes would have turned 159 today. And we're celebrating with 5 of the best Holmes stories!

You may not have heard of them, but you definitely don't want to mess with them

The detective story in English resembles nothing more than a crossword puzzle. In Europe, it was imagined somewhat differently.

#HowWritersWrite with Yamini Pustake Bhalerao, a dentist by day and a crime writer by night.

In conversation with Avik Davar, author of the provocative crime thriller Dawood is Dead