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It’s not easy to build a recurring protagonist for a series. The entire weight of whether you will get a chance to write multiple books or stories with one protagonist, rests on how well you have managed to sketch that one character. Our aim is to create a protagonist which will win over the readers and compel them...

Juggernaut Books is delighted to announce the upcoming film adaptation of Abheek Barua’s crime novel City of Death.

Do you have it in you to pick up the clues and solve crimes?

Crime writer Vedanarayanan Vedantham lists the 5 films from down south one must watch

#HowWritersWrite with Yamini Pustake Bhalerao, a dentist by day and a crime writer by night.

A quick Q&A with Yamini Pustake Bhalerao, author of Operation Superstar, featuring the laundry girl Indira

Gurgaon, a real estate boom birthed amidst north Indian machismo, was the first choice for Manish Dubey's crime debut.

Abheek Barua, who’s written the terrifying new thriller The Beheading and is also chief economist at HDFC Bank, has a great playlist at hand when he’s writing: a terrific Blues band, Pearl Jam, Hindustani classical and Bach! We asked him why he found it easier to write newspaper columns than fiction, and how he writes...

Check out the cover art for two brilliant short stories by Praveen Swami

  The Beheading by chief economist at HDFC Bank, Abheek Barua, is the only Indian crime novel that brings a sophisticated understanding of forensics and police procedural, and in Inspector Sohini Sen, a world weary, alcoholic, pill addicted, middle-aged cop, we have an extraordinary character. Our Art Director, Gavin...