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Kiran Manral, author of the short story Switcheroo, chooses her favourite books of the year: Own It: Leadership Lessons from Women Who Do Aparna Jain This is a book that needed to be written, and a book that needs to be read. Distilling the experiences of the over 200 women she spoke with for her research for this...

From a Neil Gaiman classic to a crime noir set in Calcutta, here are Arup Bose's favourite books of 2016

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From a formidable political biography to an in-depth investigation into how business is done in Lutyens' Delhi, here are Rajdeep Sardesai's favourite books

From an epic historical fiction to a Asha Bhosle biography that rewrites history, Yasser Usman chooses his #BestReads2016

From a manic adventure to a fascinating memoir, The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad author Twinkle Khanna chooses favourite reads of 2016

From a superb novel about Kabul to a heartrending story of love, here are Nishant Kaushik's favourite books of 2016

From a superb novel about middle-class India to a chilling novel set around a school shooting, author Himanjali Sankar tells us her #BestReads2016

From a madcap novel to a new trilogy that makes Harry Potter seem so yesterday, here are Rupa Gulab's #BestReads2016

Juggernaut fiction editor and author of The Devourers Indrapramit Das chooses his #BestReads2016