Surrender Yourself

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We live in a fast paced world – but do we really understand it? Om Swami, a billionaire turned monk, explores how meditation can help us understand ourselves better. 

  • Meditation changes you irreversibly

Intense meditation doesn’t lead to superficial change, it changes your very being. As you escalate and dig deeper, you automatically start to feel disconnected from the world. You slow down and can no longer rush things. 

  • You become the ocean

When you meditate well, you become unshakeable. Desire, pleasures, addictions stop being able to sway you – you become more and more okay with having less of it, having it later or even giving it up. It’s called ‘samta’ – evenness and equanimity. 

  • Devote yourself completely 

You can also engage in bhakti or devotional service – surrender mindlessly. It is like loving like a kitten – you trust that when your mother picks you up with her mouth, she will not devour you with her sharp teeth. Trust in God or Nature and await what you desire. 

Begin this beautiful journey with Om Swami in ‘Meditation and Surrender’,  which will be free on 19th September, 2021 as part of #BounceBack!


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