It is very easy to judge someone at first sight – but all that you see is not all that is! Sunny Leone, the most Googled Indian origin person of all time, is such a great example of this! Here are 5 things you didn’t know about her:

  • Sunny isn’t her real name!

Born Karenjit Kaur Vohra, Sunny took up her current name as a pseudonym for her porn career. 

  • Her reality

Sunny’s life and origins were captured in Mostly Sunny, a documentary made by Dilip Mehta. It premiered at Toronto International Film Festival, but was eventually disowned by Leone and her husband. 


  • A love unlike any other

Daniel Webber, Leone’s husband, was the heir to a lucrative family business. However, he gave it up to join Sunny’s industry so that she would not have to film intimate scenes with other actors. He is her partner in everything she does!

. She pioneered the celebrity app space in India!

She is the first Indian celebrity to have launched her own app! In collaboration with EscapeX, the app users can get real time updates on all of Sunny Leone’s social handles such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube directly and can access and interact through the in-app social feed. 

  • Dreams of medicine

Sunny originally trained to become a nurse. However, a side gig as an exotic dancer led to a feature in PentHouse magazine and the rest is history!

  • She loves to write!

A little known fact is that Sunny is a published writer as well! Her collection of stories, Sweet Dreams, is now available for free as a part of the Live Laugh Learn Festival on 2nd June! The seven delicious stories will put the oomph back in your life! (8)


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