These are a few of Sunny Leone’s favourite things

Sunny Leone tells us about the things that make her feel sexy and happy

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A nice pair of heels. My favorite pair are my Gold or Black Giuseppe Zanottiinch high stilettos. I love to wear them with my silver sheath dress
Sunny's Favourite things

Going sky diving in San Bernardino CA was the greatest rush of my life.



Shucking Oysters and gazing at Michelangelo’s David in Florence



Savouring some moist steamed lime fish with sliced chillies that melts in my mouth every time I’m in Bangkok. It’s my favourite dish of all time.



Sitting behind the wheel of my black Maserati Ghibli in Los Angeles and cruising down Mulholland Drive. I have many good memories associated with that car.

maserati ghibli

Listening to Taylor Swift’s Wildest Dreams and thinking of some of my own.


Cuddling my two rescue dogs Lilu and Chopper every time I’m in Los Angeles


Watching reruns of The Goonies and laughing loudly every time Chunk is on screen


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