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Stories have the power to transport the reader to a fantastical, magical land, away from the monotony of daily life. Stories enrich a child’s life, and unleash vivid imagination. Juggernaut Books brings to you a curated list of children’s stories by the country’s top publishers. We have handpicked these stories from a long list of entertaining and gripping children’s stories written by some of the most talented authors in our country. We have HarperCollins India, Karadi Tales, Rupa Publishers and more, on board to bring you and your child this experience. In each episode of the Hubhopper Original Story Time with Soha Ali Khan, actress, mom and writer Soha Ali Khan, will read out one story that will leave your child in a whimsical place.


Your child’s love for stories doesn’t have to stop at this podcast! Below is the list of books we have curated these wonderful stories from, and many of these are anthologies of more such gripping and entertaining narratives that your child will love to read! 

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Story: The Rumour 

Book: The Rumour 

Publisher: Karadi Tales 

The Rumor

In Baddbaddpur, it’s impossible to keep a secret. Everyone gossips about everything! Then one day, ill-tempered Pandurang wishes to keep a secret. But of course, the secret spreads from person to person… and the strangest thing happens: a feather becomes a forest! Join the villagers of Baddbaddpur in this charming village story by Anushka Ravishankar and see how the rumour spreads with illustrations by Kanyika Kini in inks and colour pencils that will make you laugh out loud.


Story: The Night Before Christmas 

Book: Celebrate Christmas 

Publisher: Hachette India

Now enjoy your favourite festivals even more with stories and fun things to do throughout the year! It’s Xmas time – tra-la-la-la-la! From gifting to feasting, from Christmas trees to Christmas stories, from silver bells to red stockings, from singing carols to popping crackers, from glittering stars to super gifts from Santa Claus to Rudolph, Christmas is a time for celebrations for people across the world. And you can know all about it! This book brings you wonderful stories about Christmas! 


Story: The Girl In The Garden 

Book: Friendship Stories 

Publisher: Scholastic India

Friendship Stories Cover

Best friends have been through it all—from Bonding over strange pets and mysterious illnesses to learning to forgive and be loyal and loving. Deepa Agarwal’s heart-warming collection of short stories is filled with adventure, secrets, pranks, and best of all, true friendship.


Story: Night Of The Doberman

Book: Flipped: Adventure Stories

Publisher: HarperCollins


The Flipped Anthology series gives you two themes, two covers and two sides to open the book from … and you get to choose! Now you don’t need to keep a book away if you don’t like a story or a theme, you only need to flip the book over and start reading again!


Story: Hanuman’s Adventures 

Book: Garuda and the Serpents

Publisher: Juggernaut Books 

Why did the gods and the asuras churn the ocean? How did Vishwamitra and Vasishtha become enemies for life? Who brought the heavenly river Ganga down to earth? Why did King Trishanku end up hanging upside down? How did Kacha emerge from his teacher’s stomach? Read the marvellous adventures of gods and humans and asuras and other splendid creatures, vividly retold by Arshia Sattar. Drawn from the Puranas, the Mahabharata and the Ramayana, Garuda and the Serpents delivers stories from Hindu mythology that will evoke wonder and delight.


Story: The Great Shoe Problem 

Book: The Lizard of Oz and Other Stories 

Publisher: Scholastic India 


An inquisitive lizard gets caught in a shoebox. An orange duck changes its luck. A lion agonises over his lost teeth. A mosquito decides to spend its short life helping humans. Read about the exciting misadventures of various creatures as they wriggle and nibble their way out of tight spots in this collection of funny and sensitive short stories. 


Story: Uma Vs Upma 

Book: Uma Vs Upma

Publisher: Pratham Books

In ‘Uma vs Upma’ by Meera Ganpathi, and published by Pratham Books, the 9-year-old Uma is stuck in a fight with upma. Like every child in the world, Uma is struggling to accept what she’s being fed for breakfast. Upma is just not good enough! Who wins the fight?


Story: The Watermelon God  

Book: Moongphali 

Publisher: Rupa Publishers


Moongphali is a delightful combination of 8 short stories for children between the ages 7 to 10 years. Each story takes you to a different part of the Indian nation and familiarises you to myriad of characters. The stories reflect childlike innocence and carry an underlying social message.




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