In this era of entrepreneurship and start ups, newer and newer ideas seem to be catching the fancy of young Indians. So you have more and more artists raising funds through crowd-funding on one side, while on the other, news is being summarized and delivered to readers on their phones.

But even in this day and age of innovations, some great ideas still haven’t seen the light of day. They may be wacky, but with these startups, young India will finally have the products and services they most need!

Breaking Bad

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the fantabulous series and absorbed Heisenberg’s rage. But hey, rage can be a lot of fun, especially when you have a safe place when you can take it all out! Imagine a studio where you get to be Sunny Deol from Gadar. A studio where you get to break cups, plates, glasses and mirrors, and generally bring the house down for a little money. Tear off the cushions to get over the girl who sent you LOLs in messages and then ditched you right before your second date! Or break a few plates after work, because your boss suddenly decided to up your target just because he can!

Happy Gods

Have you ever wondered why our gods are always brooding, or giving some bit of advice, but never having fun? Well, it’s not them, but it’s us! Gods have all the fun they want — and even our classics are full of stories about them!

Now, imagine a merchandise business that features our gods as celebs, as everyday people having fun and frolic! Imagine Krishna and Radha dancing with Ram and Sita on a nice romantic number, or a happy family portrait with Shiva and Parvati and little Ganesh. Or all the Gods feasting together cracking jokes. This party is definitely not to be missed.

Comic Book Coffee Shops

The Hulk sits right next to you. Captain America’s shield is hanging on the wall opposite. Iron Man’s suit hangs from the stairs and as you look up Spider Man’s web is all over the roof. For all the fans of these amazing superheroes, start a coffee shop chain dedicated to comic books. Spend time cosplaying on your date, or just sit down and read!

The Mahabharat Lounge

Don’t think of me as tacky, but I would love a lounge-bar where I can pretend I am in an ancient epic or a fantasy land, a place where mythology comes alive! And with everyone hooked on Game of Thrones like it’s your next dose of heroin, who does not want to get drunk inside a castle, drinking a cocktail called Bheem [vodka, whisky, rum and tequila in equal measure; add a dash of lime; top with ice] or a 5-beer pitcher called Panchali!

The Ranting Platform

We keep ranting on social media. All. The. Time. Be it about Pakistani artists in Hindi movies or how we hate our bosses! How about a video platform dedicated exclusively for your rants? You can simply upload a video — live or otherwise — telling the world about your feelings, your frustrations. If you’re the creative, serious type, you can even use this as a platform to focus on the important rants you really care about. And as your likes and comments grow, you can rest assured that your rant has done its job!



Manav Vigg is the author of Confused Bastards, available on the Juggernaut app here. Some of these start ups have featured in the novel as well.


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