Everyone wants to make a good impression – but one must aim to sweep people off their feet! Develop your personal brand and create impressions that last with these tips – 

  • We want the NEXT Big Thing 

Research shows that people always prefer people who have potential to be great rather than those who have already demonstrated their greatness. This is because when the human brain comes across uncertainty,  they pay attention to information more because they want to figure it out. So, focus more on your pitch rather than your past – if you have done great things, make sure to assert that you can do better in the future. 

  • Be confident to seem competent

Greater sales means better salesmanship, no? Not necessarily – there are many drivers to sales, which means that even if it is because of the salesmanship – the numbers alone won’t credit him/ her. He/She must assert themselves to show that they are the reason for their success. People believe that confidence exudes competence. 

  • Ask yourself tough questions

You must ask yourself questions that will help define your purpose and brand so you can project/ market it the right way. For example, what results you hope to achieve in the next year/ 5 years/ decade, what you wish to be known for, etc. These will give you answers that can help provide clarity when you strategise!

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