What happens when social animals like ourselves are forced to keep distance from each other? The present scenario is a Catch-22 situation. If you flout social distancing norms, you risk contracting COVID, but if you put a halt to socialising, you risk losing your mind! We certainly don’t want that for you! And so, we decided to bring to you Silent Book Club – a new way of reading in the company of like-minded folks. Reading may be a solo pursuit, but it doesn’t have to be done in solitude. Each session will be moderated by a loved author, editor, publisher, or another ardent reader, and you will join a community of readers in the comfort of your home. 

BYOBBB – Bring Your Own Book, Beverage, and Bolster. 


A weekly catch up where we get together virtually to read anything we want – silently.

Each week, we announce a theme and a moderator for our book club catch up. Moderators could be authors, publishers, editors, or just ardent readers. They will lead the book club that week.

Themes could be anything from mental health to historical fiction. We’ll put out a recommendation list for the week, but you’re free to read what you want!



Step one: Follow our social networks for the theme and moderator announcement for the week every Monday.




Step two: Sign up for the book club using this link

Step three: You’ll receive the Zoom meeting details in your email along with the guidelines of the SBC + your very own SBC social sticker 

Step four: Join us virtually every Saturday and let the world know about this new cool way of reading together (and that you’re not to be disturbed) by putting out your SBC sticker on social media.



A little less conversation, a little more … reading.

This book club is tailor-made for introverts. If you love reading but aren’t much for talking, yet want a sense of community with other like-minded folks, this is the place to be. It will help you take time away from the noise of daily life, and enjoy some solo time, doing your favourite thing, but you won’t be alone in it! Best of all worlds, isn’t it?

Each session will be theme-based, and you can pick a book relevant to that theme. For example, if the theme is mental health, you can pick any from the wide array of books on the topic. Shaheen Bhatt’s I’ve Never Been (Un)Happier, Avni Doshi’s Girl In White Cotton, Jerry Pinto’s Elm & The Big Hoom, Adam Phillips’ Going Sane. You get the drift. Fiction, non-fiction, poetry, memoir – the world is your oyster, and we aren’t fussed. 

The author in lead will kick off the session with a brief chat about what each participant is reading and sipping on. Following this round of informal introductions, you will read a chapter from your book in silence. Once you and other participants have finished reading, there will be a discussion on the topic. 



  1. Monisha Nair / July 11, 2020 at 12:52 pm /Reply

    Would like to participate. Didn’t find the link to register

  2. Sadhika Khanna / July 11, 2020 at 2:09 pm /Reply

    How to register for the club? It sounds interesting:)

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