Sex is like having an ice cream.

There are people who like ice cream, and there are people who like ice cream in a cone. The second kind would be happy having it in a cup or on a stick on a regular day, but if there is an option of getting it in a cone then they don’t give it a miss. These are the people who can finish their ice cream fast. These are the people who know a little mess is a turn on.

I mean, regular sex – in the bedroom, on the couch and kitchen floor, in the shower – is great. But some people find doing it in weird places a bigger turn on (I know I do).

I find the sheer thrill of getting caught or offending the moral police super hot.

And if you too like to experiment beyond Vanilla – if you know what I mean – then here are 5 of my most favourite place to have an outdoor make out session.  

If you find some of these ideas outrageous, don’t sweat it. Remember, there is a world of flavours waiting for you to explore.  

In a tent


Key point: don’t go gaga inside an erect tent if you don’t want it to collapse. Stick to spooning instead and let the wilderness of the campsite grow on your sex romp.

On a cliff


There is nothing like communing with nature while getting some action, that too with a top view. Go bananas if you are doing it at night. Carry a picnic blanket during daytime, just in case some hikers pop up out of nowhere.

In open-air cinemas


Move on from bonking in a dark movie theatre and explore the open-air cinemas in your city. It’s probably not advisable to go all the way, but you can give a handjob, get fingered and have lots and lots of fondling. Key point: make sure to carry a large and comfortable blanket.


On a kayak


The sex becomes almost meditative on a lake. Plus you will have to hold each other really close to do it in such a small place, which will make it even more exciting. This also gives you the perfect opportunity to try canoe canoodling position if you haven’t already.

In the sea at night


If you would like to awaken your inner mermaid, then do it in the sea at night. But make sure the water is not too deep and stay close to the shoreline. You can experiment with a lot of stand and carry sex positions for deep penetration and stimulation of your favourite lady parts.

Go figure!


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