Selflessness Is A Myth

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Sadhguru says we can never be completely unselfish. That whatever we do, we have a personal stake in it, even if it is for others. 

  • Look inward

‘Can you really be unselfish?’ – ask yourself this. Unselfishness is a lie that morality has created in the world, allowing many people to deceive themselves. 

  • When you do something for someone else

When you perform a good deed, perhaps feeding the needy, it may seem like you’re doing them a favour and none to yourself. But you are also doing it because it makes you feel good. 

  • Why not be selfish?

What’s wrong with being selfish? Why not embrace it instead of beating yourself up? But one must be selfish in an unlimited way. Don’t be half hearted in your indulgences. The path to bhakti is complete dissolution. You surrender and become nothing or you include everything and become everything. 

Read more about why being selfish is good in ‘Be Totally Selfish’ by Sadhguru, which will be free on 15th September, 2021. 


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