For today’s session of our #ReadInstead Litfest we had Sanket Pai talking about how to manage your anxieties and fear based thinking.

Sanket Pai is a multi-passionate entrepreneur. He is a writer, a Tedx speaker, a certified Leap Ahead and Human Potential Coach, and an EFT practitioner. He takes us through a follow-along EFT, or tapping, session to help us relax ourselves. It’s super simple!

Today, we are surrounded by uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity and volatility. Perhaps the magnitude of this is much larger than anything that we have seen before. Over the past couple of weeks we have experienced varying levels of anxiety, worry, nervousness or uneasiness about the future. 

Anxiety and fear can be very damaging to our immune and nervous system. The fear is not so much about getting the virus, it is more along the lines of – what am I going to do if…? It is the fear of the unknown. 

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) or tapping is a powerful mind-body focussed technique that has been proven to be effective on anxiety and fears. It is based on the combined principles of modern day psychology and ancient Chinese acupressure. EFT uses certain points in your body for tapping while saying out certain statements. That is how it combines acupressure with psychology. 

Once you get the basics right, tapping is extremely simple and can be learnt by anyone in just about a couple of minutes. EFT is also used in many areas including physical pain relief, traumas, phobias, fears, addictions, and also in releasing limiting beliefs and improving personal performance. Sanket has personally seen it work in areas like curing motion sickness, shoulder pains, relationship challenges, stress at work, releasing personal guilt, and even the fear of animals and the fear of perfection. What’s more is that the results are long lasting!

This training is not to discount the pandemic that we are facing right now, but it is more to support you and move you into a position of calm and presence. 

Click here and watch the video to follow a super simple tap sequence with our expert. Repeat this tapping as often as you need! This will help you move from a place of anxiety and fear to a place of feeling safe and secure. We hope this helps you in these extremely challenging and uncertain times. 

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