Twinkle Khanna has dazzled us with her wit on and off the screen but she never fails to surprise us with her one liners! Here are 4 hilarious and heart touching quotes from one of her best short stories, ‘Salaam, Noni Appa’!

  • When Binni tries to suggest her niece marries an older man, Noni Appa is shocked with the age gap on seeing a video of his.

‘Binni, this NRI dentist looks one year older than Allah Miya himself which means he must be the same age as you!’

  • When Noni’s sister Binni describes to her niece, Mallika, how men from the Jamatkhana fell for Noni Appa’s chiffon sarees and pearls. They were, as she described them, ‘out of control’. 

‘What does out of control mean, Binni Masi? What would they do, explode in their pants?’

  • When Noni Appa’s yoga teacher describes his wife’s transition over the years

‘Over the years she has also changed, from a volcano she has become a pressure cooker. She still has a temper but instead of erupting she just makes a few shrill sounds and lets off steam.’

  • When the realisation comes to Noni Appa that respectability doesn’t lead to happiness and she decides to take a chance. 

Noni Appa, who all these years had lived solely by the dictates of society, began realizing that all the ‘Salaams’ and ‘Ya Ali Madads’ that people bestowed on her as a reward for being a respectable woman were worthless, a currency that would buy her nothing aside from synthetic eulogies at her funeral.

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