Insights from Inner Engineering talks about the famous spiritual guru, Sadhguru’s journey into self-reflection and outward execution. Like many of us, having grown up in a middle-class family, he was encouraged to do well academically, achieve accolades in school and college and settle into a good job. But, even as a child, conventional education disappointed him and he found himself looking to nature and meditation to help him find deeper meaning. Even having founded and run a successful construction company, he was unable to fill the void he felt inside. But a trip to Chamundi hills changed everything. 

Atop the hills, amongst natural beauty, he experienced a kind of calmness and ecstasy that he had never felt before. It guides his life today too – and after returning from Chamundi Hils, he found himself going into the same sort of trances more often, even in the company of people. He deepened his understanding of himself and the world through the study of spiritualism and meditation from that day on, and proceeds to explain how the reader can apply similar techniques to their own lives to transform their inner selves.pexels-photo-2035066

Inner Workings – 

Today’s world grows more materialistic every minute. Social media and instant celebrity have setted into our minds, the notion that riches and visibility is happiness. Jim Carrey once said, ‘I wish everyone could be famous and rich atleast once, so that they understood that it did not lead to happiness’. We carry the potential of incredible happiness within ourselves. What we search for in relationships and careers, can be achieved through introspection. Understanding our nature leads the way to finding true calm. Through comprehensive responsibility and regular study of what we truly seek, we can eliminate any barriers to our growth, whether it be mental, physical or spiritual. 

The Body – 

Yoga is an ancient practice that combines the physical and spiritual experience. Practices like Hatha Yoga elevates one’s consciousness. The body need not be perceived as a temple of purity, to be maintained highly nor as a materialistic object that seeks satisfaction constantly. Consciousness of the body, the food that powers it and the restfulness it requires, is important for attaining a higher state.

The Mind – 

Yoga helps you become aware of this and gain absolute clarity and freedom. The mind has 16 dimensions that fall into 4 main categories:

  • discerning or buddhi – the intellect

  • accumulating or manas –- the memory

  • awareness or chitta – beyond intellect or memory

  • ahankara – from which you derive your identity

The Energy – 

There are 72,000 channels or nadis in the human energy system that in turn sprint from three basic nadis:

  • pingala, the masculine or logical dimension

  • ida, the feminine or intuitive dimension

  • sushumna or the central nadi (16)


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