The last year may have been a new phase in working styles with more and more companies deciding to go online completely, but it has wreaked havoc upon our health, as our work and home life collided. Rujuta Diwekar shows 5 ways we can take care of ourselves during the pandemic – 

  • Stay at home, eat at home 

The most important food right now is that stuff which helps fight infections. And we’re not talking about kale salads. Your traditional home foods need to be part of your daily diet. Limit the takeaways and think: 

  • Rice pej/ Kanji for dinner

  • Aliv Laddoo for a mid meal snack 

  • Amboli (pulses, rice, herbs) for breakfast

  • Stretch & Exercise

Apart from exercising, stretching is very important for many reasons. The primary one being that it prepares you for every workout and prevents injuries. 

Also, Yogasanas like Supta Buddha Konasana, Adho Mukho Swastikasana and Parshva Upavistha Konasana make up the Iyengar Yoga Sequence, which will help you deal with aches, pains and joints. 

  • Sleep (plus sneak in a nap) 

 We all know it’s important. But somehow the most important things are hardest to achieve. Most of us switch on Netflix and end up binging on a show. Right? Consciously work towards bedtime. Take a warm bath, have a glass of haldi milk and do not engage with technology for at least 30 minutes before sleeping. Plus take a short nap during the day. 

Find all the recipes, exercises and advice you need during the pandemic from Rujuta’s ‘5 Ways to Stay Healthy During Work From Home’, which will be free to read on the Juggernaut app on 2nd June! (10)


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