Rujuta Diwekar is one of India’s top nutritionists and the author of three bestselling books, including Don’t Lose Your Mind, Lose Your Weight, the country’s highest-selling diet book. Her 12-week Fitness Project has helped millions of people across the world in achieving their fitness goals. Her advice and tips on nutrition and exercise will accelerate your fitness goals and will help you lead a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. During the pandemic,

Rujuta Diwekar has been people’s go-to person for health advice. Here are some of our top recommendations –

The 12-Week Fitness Project


Want to get fit but don’t know how to start? Let India’s #1 nutritionist and health advocate Rujuta Diwekar help you. In this groundbreaking book, based on the ‘12-week fitness project’, one of the world’s largest and most successful public health projects, she will guide you step by step, giving you one simple guideline to follow each week. By the end of three months you will find you have lost inches and have better sleep and energy levels, lesser acidity, bloating and sweet cravings, and reduced PMS and period pain.

5 ways to stay healthy while you work from home

5 ways to stay healthy

Many of us are working from home or staying in as the Coronavirus epidemic hits India. How can we stay fit and healthy at this time? Here are 5 amazing ways you can stay on top of your fitness game in the time of COVID-19.

Top 5 Foods to Boost Immunity

boost immunity

Rujuta Diwekar tells how immunity and good health doesn’t come from a bottle but from eating at home and eating local, seasonal, and traditional.

Eat your Food in the Right Proportion


The only way to stay fit for the rest of our lives without depriving ourselves of the goodness of food is to eat food in a state of balance. It is all about the right proportion, not portion.

Don’t Follow Diet Trends


Is your current diet fad based on weight loss sustainable or is it compromising on your metabolic health? Would your grandmother approve of your diet? Rujuta Diwekar clears the air on fad diets, and its negative consequences. . .


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