Join us this week for another incredible collection of the best short stories in English literature, from favourites like Ruskin Bond and Anton Chekov and many more! Everyday at 7pm, be ready for a story to help you detox! Here is what you can expect – 


FRI – 

Haircut by Anuja Chauhan – 

Set in a beauty salon where our protagonist––a disgruntled 31-year-old woman––has arrived for a Lady Mary-like bob, ‘Haircut’ is a piece that drags the reader from a dank corner into the sun. The perfect start to Summer.

SAT – 

A Meeting on the Andheri Overbridge by Ambai – 

A mysterious woman at the Andheri station captures Sudha Gupta’s interest. When Sudha finally coaxes the abandoned woman’s story out of her, she decides to help her reclaim her property.


SUN – 

Crossing the Road by Ruskin Bond – 

With great attention to detail, Bond presents us with a heartwarming story of a rebellious snail named Samuel. In his collection, A Gallery of Rascals, we see the author is at his best: recounting tales of exploits and defiance with a keen sense of spirit that is characteristic of him.

MON – 

The Happy Prince by Oscar Wilde – 

In a town full of suffering, a swallow and a statue of the “Happy Prince” set out to ease the lives of the townspeople. Victorian author Oscar Wilde is known both as a playwright and prose author. Among his most famous works are The Picture of Dorian Gray, his only novel, the plays An Ideal Husband and The Importance of Being Earnest. (2)

TUE – 

The Price of Dignity by Nanjil Nadan – 

Poomani works in Gangadharan Pillai’s fields all day long to be able to feed her family. Her husband is of no help while her children have to starve on most days. When Gangadharan catches her alone in the dark one day, will Poomani finally have to pay the true cost of rice? (3)

WED – 

The Bet by Anton Chekhov – 

At a banker’s party fifteen years ago, a young lawyer defends the position that life in prison is far less humane than capital punishment. The banker disagrees and proposes they bet two million rubles in exchange for fifteen years of solitary confinement. The terms of their agreement allow the lawyer to have access to books, food and wine, and over the course of his imprisonment, he reads widely. Nearing the end of the fifteen years, the banker comes to realize that he will be ruined by the lawyer’s winning of the bet, and both men find their lives changed by the lessons that the bet has taught them. (1)


The Nikah – 

A married woman is forced to relive her past when she visits her hometown. While attending a wedding, she recalls her secret meetings with the man she loved. Will she get to see him again? Is she ready to face him?

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