Your stories, be it The Bot, The Last Poisoners of 6 or Death is Only the Beginningall deal with different themes such artificial intelligence, crime and mystery. Which story has been the easiest to write and which one has been the hardest?

The easiest has been Last Poisoners, the story practically wrote itself and had a logical premise.

Death is Only the Beginning has been the hardest as the plot was complex and the character development was harder so was the interplay between the characters in the narrative.

What is it about crime and mystery that excites you most? 

The genre is all about stories that are away from the norm and usually page turners. There are exciting plots that twist and turn so exciting. These stories also expose you to the basest of emotional response as characters evolve through an emotional trauma.

In Death is Only the Beginning, your new story, I was very impressed by the numerous twists and turns in the plot of the story. How do you manage to tie it all together without leaving any loose ends?

To manage the twist and turns was very tough with this story and that is why it took the most time to write. I created copious research notes/rough links and that helped me to tie all the loose ends.

Where do you find inspiration for your characters? How much of the world does one see in your stories? 

The characters come from not just from real life examples but also social media. Sometimes a social media profile gets me thinking and with some imagination that inspires to bring a character together. Also, reading other authors and their work helps you get ideas

What would be your advice to aspiring writers of crime and mystery?  

Firstly, focus on the plot and the hook in your story. Also, find the ‘x factor’ that makes your story unique and then focus on telling the story in a manner that is engaging.



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