This July, we’re playing question and answers! Each day, we’ll ask one big question- for the answer read the free book of the day! Here is a sneak peak – 

  1. How can you become a Millionaire? – 


Prashant Desai guides us on five things that can help your investments yield better results in the longer run. 

2. Who If Not Modi? –


What are the qualities that have led Narendra Modi to dominate the national political stage? Is there truly “no alternative”? What kind of leader could challenge him? Since 2013, Pradeep Gupta and Axis My India have established themselves as India’s most credible and accurate election forecasters. Based on years of surveys across India, he offers a comprehensive analysis of what makes or breaks contenders for the office of Prime Minister.

3. Need to ask for a raise?


Learn the one-minute trick to negotiate like a boss!

4. Did the Aryans migrate to India?

early indians

To tell us the story of our ancestors, Tony Joseph uses DNA evidence to trace the large migrations of modern humans into India – of agriculturists from Iran between 7000 BCE and 3000 BCE and pastoralists from the Central Asian Steppe between 2000 BCE and 1000 BCE. In this book, Joseph takes head-on some of the most controversial and uncomfortable questions of Indian history: Who were the Harappans? Did the ‘Aryans’ really migrate to India? Are Scheduled Tribes genetically distinct from the rest of the population?

5. Was Tipu Sultan a cruel bigot?


Was Tipu Sultan a cruel bigot or a wise and just ruler? A reckless adventurer or a proud nationalist? This book cuts through the myths to bring this controversial king and his times come vividly alive, from his youthful military exploits to his death in his final battle against the British

6. Wondering how to change your habits?


The next time you find yourself indulging in a bad habit, take a moment to pause and consider using mindfulness to help you overcome it…

7. Will machines take over your jobs?


Will machines take over our jobs? What does the future hold for us? Nobel Prize winners Abhijit Banerjee and Esther Duflo answer the question using the most recent research and current data.

8. What Happens after Death? –


Sadhguru says that if you’re in an utmost state of pleasantness, it is heaven. If you are in a state of absolute unpleasantness, that is hell. 

Get ready for a July that’s jam packed with learning and fun! 


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