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The best of self-care books

We are all too familiar with the mental stress that 2020 came with. Let’s admit – it caught us all off-guard and affected us in more ways than one. More than physical fitness, we all need a push in the self-care and improvement department. These self improvement and motivational books will help you start 2021 on the right note.

1. 9 Self-care Tips to Reach Your Goals by Sanket Pai


Do you forget to take care of yourself? Do you think self-care is being selfish? When was the last time you did nothing, absolutely nothing, for 10 minutes? But if you want to reach your goals and increase your longevity, self-care needs to belong where it should – on the top of your daily list.


2. How to Remain Peaceful in Stressful Times by Daaji

how to remain peaceful in stress times

Daaji on the need of an approach that provides a lasting solution to our well-being based on purifying and simplifying our consciousness


3. Let go of your Fears by Om Swami

letgoof your fears

Monk Om Swami on instinctive and conditioned fears, and why should we question them.


4. 20 Lessons on Finding Calm by Times Group Books

20 lessons on finding calm

We all have too much to do with too little time and long for peace and contentment. In this short, thoughtful book taken from Times of India’s phenomenally popular Speaking Tree column, we bring you the advice of the great gurus, from Thich Nhat Hanh to Osho, on how to truly experience inner peace.


5. How to Achieve Mental Wellbeing by Sanket Pai

how to achieve mental well being

Do you find yourself criticizing others often? Are you always complaining? Do you constantly compare yourself with your peers? Are you over-consuming information and pretending to be busy? These negative thought patterns disturb your mental wellbeing. Sanket Pai shows you how you can avoid these, and live a happier life.


6. How to Love Yourself by Vaibhav Datar

how to love youself

Your journey to happiness begins with self-love.


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