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We live in a world that gets more tech-oriented with every passing second – and with the advent of AI and the internet, it can be tough to be away from screens. But that is just what we need, says Sanket Pai – a digital detox. 

  • What is the problem?

While massive industries are now run remotely thanks to technology, it also means that we spend more time in front of screens. On average we spend more than 3 hours a day on our phones – that is exclusive from time on the computer and television. The figure is likely to increase, as it has by 62.5% since 2012. 

  • Constantly seeking something better

‘FOMO’ is a phrase that we find increasingly defining our state of mind. Not only are we ruled by the feeling that there is always something better out there, but we are also missing out on the present while we feel this way. 

  • Take a digital detox

Just like we rush to charge our phones at the hint of low battery, we must recharge ourselves. Take a little time to introspect by shutting out the noise from the world and listen to what your heart is saying. Once a day, give up all your technological devices. Put away your TV remote, phone and laptop and do something else!

  • The 10 minute rule

Nir Eyal, an American author, uses a technique called the 10 minute rule – whenever you feel the need to check your devices, tell yourself that you will give into the urge in 10 minutes. Either do something else or just sit with that feeling – and you will find that it subsides after 10 minutes. 

Now, more than ever, we need a reason to be there for each other and ourselves. So, join us on the journey and read ‘Digital Detox: Need of the Hour’ by Sanket Pai, which will be free on 30th September from 7pm as part of #BounceBack!

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  1. Pratiti / September 24, 2021 at 9:41 pm /Reply

    The news all around is so bad, so we need those 10 minutes not only to be away from our gadgets but also to be away, for a bit, away from the outside world. This is not about “wellness” it is about being attentive, to ourself.

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