At Juggernaut, we take feedback quite seriously. We believe that customer feedback is the cornerstone of every product and as we work towards producing some of the most exciting and engaging content, we must build a product that supports readers. Since the day we launched in April 2016, we have attempted to bring two worlds together – product and publishing – and it has come with its own share of innovation and challenges. We see many worlds blending, as editors, marketers and software developers, all sit together under one roof. It had been an exciting ride so far and there’s so much more ahead of us. Here’s a sneak peak into what we hope to deliver to our readers in 2018:
As the natural evolution of the product, we will be launching subscription plans for our Indian readers. We see this as a great value add, especially for our loyal set of readers with “all you want to read” packages. We also plan to release editor recommendations, invitations to book launches, access to author signed copies and many more such incentives.
Going International
We haven’t been focusing enough on our diaspora readers but come 2018, we hope to make our Indian content like Twinkle Khanna’s The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad, Rajdeep Sardesai’s bestseller this year, Democracy’s XI, Kohinoor and others, accessible across the world. Readers in US, UK, UAE will have access to our content at attractive prices – most of which we have international rights for.
Multiple Store Fronts
We have already started this in 2017, with our tie-ups with MakeMyTrip, RailYatri, Apollo and of course, Airtel. We will expand our partnerships so that when you think books, you think Juggernaut – be it in a waiting room, during your commute or on a holiday!
Reading Experience 2.0
Since our launch in the summer of 2016, we have not innovated the app from the reader’s point of view as much as we would have liked to. In 2018, we hope to change that. We want to match our app to the best readers in the market. We’ve already added the highlight and dictionary feature, but we have a long way to go. We look forward to new features like horizontal flipping, better bookmarking among others based on your feedback.
Write on App
Write whenever inspiration strikes – anytime, anywhere, even while sitting (or even standing) in the Metro! The writing platform is currently web-only but that will change soon. We want to encourage writers to write on their phones through our app.
Stay tuned for more from us!

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