For immediate release: 4 January 2016

Juggernaut Books has appointed Priya Ramani to be editor-at-large for their digital list. Priya is one of India’s most respected and successful features editors. She has worked at many publications including India Today, ElleIndian Express and Reuters. A former editor of Cosmopolitan, she created and led Lounge, Mint’s iconic weekend section, for eight years.

‘We are thrilled that Priya has joined Juggernaut—her flair, intelligence and commercial instincts will be a terrific addition to our brilliant editorial team and bolster our list even further,’ said Chiki Sarkar, publisher, Juggernaut.

Based out of Bangalore, Priya will use her wide experience across news and features to build a commercial non-fiction list that includes lifestyle, business, sports, food, tech, religion and more.

‘Bangalore has traditionally been home to the early adopter audience in India. It’s therefore strategically important to have an editor of Priya’s calibre based there. Given her rich experience across print, digital and social, we are very excited to have her join us,’ said Durga Raghunath, CEO, Juggernaut.

‘I can’t wait to apply skills I learned in various newsrooms to the world of publishing. Over the past two decades I’ve spent a great deal of time unlocking the mystery of what people want to read. This new assignment is bound to reveal some exciting new answers,’ said Priya Ramani.

About Juggernaut: Focused on the growing mobile usage in India, Juggernaut aims to give authors both a digital and a physical platform. Juggernaut will launch its apps in February 2016 across iOS and Android and its physical list from April. It released its 2016 Catalogue here (

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  1. C T Mitchell / October 7, 2017 at 12:01 pm /Reply

    Editors have been my saviour. When I first started writing I used to think I could self edit – big mistake.

    Now 25 short reads later including 9 x #1 Amazon US & UK in category, I thank my editors for fine tuning my work.

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