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Letters from Kargil
Diksha Dwivedi


“Very soon I will be leading my men into battlefield. I know God will be with me, he will protect me, but if God wants me to sacrifice my life here I may not get another time to write to you again.”

What is it like to be on the front lines when you have a family waiting at home? How does it feel to walk towards death a step at a time, everyday fearlessly? Writer, editor and entrepreneur Diksha Dwivedi explores a soldier’s heart by reading letters written by Indian soldiers to their families during the Kargil War. Most of our boys were philosophers when at war. If they weren’t soldiers, they’d probably be poets.

The Idol Thief
S. Vijay Kumar


When Subhash Kapoor, a New York-based antiques dealer, was arrested in 2011, he had allegedly smuggled 2,655 objects worth Rs. 800 crore from India to New York alone! This book, written by a foremost expert on idol theft, takes us into the shady underworld of temple looters and suave art gallerists, and high-brow museum officials and unprepared law enforcement agents, exposing the glittering international art world as well as the Indian system. A shocking true story of one idol thief behind the most outrageous theft of Indian antiquities!

Guysexual’s Guide to Dating in India


This is the book every gay man needs to read. Guysexual will help you decode the men who are date-worthy and the ones to avoid. Give you tips on where to find dateable men, how to dress, enlighten you with his potential boyfriend test, morning after etiquette, how to break up, how to deal with being broken up, and much more!

Digital originals 

Juggernaut is proud to announce our exclusive association with some of India’s top publications to create digital originals. Using the archives of the Times of India, The Hindu, Business Standard, and Caravan, and creating big picture stories through their reportage and features, the books will range across business, spirituality, Bollywood, politics, history and reference. The first set of books will be published in November, and will include more publications in the coming days.


Laundry Girl
Yamini Pustake Bhalerao

When the rich and the powerful of Mumbai face problems, they go to the ‘laundry girl’. For a hefty fee, Indira and her crack team make the problems disappear. But what happens when the fixer herself is targeted?

Combat Skirts
Sahana Ahmed


Saba is sent to Calcutta to study law and enrolled into an Army hostel. In charge of hostel administration is the young and handsome lieutenant, Adil, who all the young girls are falling for. And they’ll do anything to get him. Especially Saba. A heartwarming love story by Sahana Ahmed, shortlisted for the Juggernaut Love Story Prize.

It Waits
Andaleeb Wajid


Trishna returns to the home where her family was torn apart 20 years ago, now a widow with children. The terrible secret in the basement beckons, but she resists. Nevertheless, It waits.


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