Here are the books we bought in November

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A Circle of Hate
Praveen Swami

rise islamic state review

Less than a decade ago, Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh proudly announced to the world his pride that no Indian was involved in the activities of al-Qaeda. Today, Indian nationals are fighting alongside the Islamic State, and the head of al-Qaeda’s South Asia wing is an Indian from Uttar Pradesh. How did this come about? Based on his decades of experience following the course of terrorist movements in India, Praveen Swami’s A Circle of Hate recounts the jihadist movement in the country, from its genesis to the birth of new Islamic State-linked networks and al-Qaeda-inspired cells. Though these new networks are driven by global events, and enabled by the internet, their rise is a very Indian phenomenon—rooted in the subcontinent’s troubled history of Hindu-Muslim communal violence, and the failure of politicians to engage with the concerns and fears of a new cohort of young Muslims.


Good Economics
Abhijit Banerjee and Esther Dufflo


Is growth really needed for every country? Do migrants really take away jobs from citizens? And do high taxes actually discourage entrepreneurs? Abhijit Banerjee and Esther Dufflo, professors at MIT and bestselling authors of Poor Economics (winner of the FT Goldman Sachs Prize 2011), return with a book that looks at the big questions we all ask about our economy. Using the latest research, and their unique style of anecdote and example, they turn each one on their heads and switch on a light bulb in ours. The result — an entertaining, sparkling book that looks at the world of economics like nothing else.


Murders Most Matronly
Kamakshi P. Murti


Cousins Leela and Meena Rao, widows of twin brothers, lead quiet retired lives in Tucson, Arizona, until a serial killer descends on their South Asian community. Leela, a retired professor of behavioral clinical psychology, and Meena, a retired corporate lawyer, persuade Deputy Chief of Police Murali Kalluri to let them assist him in the investigation. Then, as the killer’s behaviour escalates, Kalluri realizes his two assistants fit the profile of the victims…

The Dark Road
Mayuresh Didolkar


A beautiful young marathon runner is found brutally murdered at a camping site far from civilization. She turns out to be the protégé of the enigmatic millionaire-philanthropist Siddharth Pandit, who will stop at nothing to find the culprit. Pandit hires the cynical and sharp Prasanna Killedar, a police officer turned private detective, to solve the crime. As Prasanna begins to delve into the victim’s past and ugly truths emerge, the investigation starts to spiral out of control.

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