Juggernaut Books will publish award-winning writer Pankaj Mishra’s new book, Age of Anger: A History of the Present.

In his latest book, to be published in early 2017, Pankaj Mishra examines why young men and women from the West join an extremist organisation like ISIS. Why are we seeing the rise of aggressive right wing politics in countries such as India, Turkey and USA, the expansion of Islamist terror, massacres in Western metropolises, wars in the Middle East? And in what way are these diverse politics of anger and violence connected? Boldly argued, breath-taking in its intellectual range, and with a canvas that stretches from Savarkar in India to Rousseau in France, Age of Anger is Mishra’s most ambitious work yet.

‘I wrote Age of Anger out of the conviction that history, far from ending, took a dangerous turn in the age of globalisation, and that we have to re-examine the modern world, this time from the perspective of those who in the previous two centuries came late to it, and felt, like so many do now, left, or pushed, behind,’ says Pankaj Mishra.

Publisher of Juggernaut Chiki Sarkar says, ‘With every terrorist attack, Pankaj Mishra’s new book feels more and more relevant. Age of Anger is a seminal book that explains the nature of our age of racism and violence and we are proud to be publishing it.’

Age of Anger: A History of the Present will be published early 2017.


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