News: Bee Books now on Juggernaut

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Juggernaut is pleased to announce that BEE Books, an Indian publishing house based in Kolkata, is now available on our platform. With titles like The Aunt Who Wouldn’t Die, Pupil’s PresidentKadambari Devi’s Suicide Note, and White Noise, BEE Books hopes to open up its eclectic collection to a wider array of readers.

Chiki Sarkar, publisher, Juggernaut, said, “We are delighted to partner with BEE Books on Juggernaut. As an indie publishing house seeking to constantly strengthen its nonfiction and fiction titles, it’s very exciting to work with them and have them go digital with us.”

Esha Chatterjee, publisher, BEE Books, “BEE Books is excited to go digital with Juggernaut. We hope to reach a wider reader base through Juggernaut’s platform. BEE Books, since our inception in 2014 have focused on a variety of genres including many Bengali to English translations’, contest based anthologies of short stories to a number of international titles as well. Having been part of Kolkata Literature Festival as a content partner, it’s an exciting new adventure for us now with Juggernaut in order to bring our books to readers around the world.”

Titles from BEE Books are now available on Juggernaut.

Our Picks

The Aunt Who Wouldn’t Die

The Aunt Who wouldn't die full_150dpi

Originally published in Bengali by Shirsendu Mukhopadhyay as Goynar Baksho and then adapted into the 2013 movie by the same name by Aparna Sen, this is Arunava Sinha’s rendition into English. A heartfelt tale of three generations of women whose destinies are tied to a jewellery box, this is a story that is bound to flirt as much as arouse you with its magical realism brought to life by Arunava’s stellar translation.

White Noise

White Noise_150dpi

A debut novel by Shruti Upadhyay, it’s a dark romance that puts the spotlight on love in a doleful yet endearing manner that’s bound to send chills down your spine as much as make you yearn for the love of your life. A novel that peers into the heart of a young romance, this is a book that will consume you in its passion.

Kadambari Devi’s Suicide Note

Kadambari Devi's Suicide Note_150dpi

Rabindranath is 23 when his sister-in-law Kadambari kills herself. But why does she commit suicide? Ranjan Bandyopadhyay tries to uncover the reason that prompted Kadambari to take her own life in this long valedictory letter that Kadamabri wrote before her death. This book is a must for the Tagore lovers!


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