Andaleeb Wajid has been writing for decades – she writes across the spectrum of love, mystery, adventure and horror, but some of her best stories are the ones that intrigue us all. As we celebrate horror in #Scarefest this month, here are some tales that’ll have you looking over your shoulder constantly!


  1. Blue Skies 

Within a matter of days Ashish turned from boyfriend to stalker, and Aditi found herself trapped in an unused well.

2. What Fathima Saw

When a handsome young English teacher turns up in Class 8, the students are super excited. They love his first class. But when he repeats the exact same lesson the next day and then the day after, the children begin to get uneasy…


3.Night at the Warehouse

Sonia is excited about her secret birthday party at an abandoned warehouse. She is turning 18, and Aryan is coming. It is all fun and flirty until the power goes. Strange creatures begin to walk up the stairs towards their party.

4.One for Sorrow

On a bright and warm afternoon, when the park is closed and the watchman is on a break, Vivaan and Manju sneak in for a romantic tryst. Little do they know there is a feral and dangerous guardian who does not want humans disturbing the peace.

5. Housemate

Leena does not know there is a secret room in her house. Leena does not know there is a secret guest in her house. Leena does not know what lies in store for her when she is alone at her house

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