Do you end your day thinking you haven’t done enough? Here are some tips to help you regularise maximum productivity –

1. An Early Sleeper makes an Early Riser

A good night’s sleep can improve your efficiency in thinking as well as boost your memory. 

2. Stay in the Sun!

Going out for a walk may sound impossible right now, but Vitamin D intake must not suffer. Sit in your balcony for a couple of minutes or walk on your terrace in the morning to develop a healthy brain, nervous system, and immunity!


3. Clear your mind

Practice meditation for at least 20 minutes before bed. Declutter your mind of the day’s negativity to refresh your mind and it will help you wake up feeling ready to take on the world!

4. Daily Self Care

Stay in bed 20 minutes after you wake up. Don’t pick up your phone, just take a bit of time to gear up for the day. Be sure to drink water regularly and maintain hygiene even if you’re not leaving the house. Often, it is the act of cleaning yourself up that helps the most!

5. Practice Emotional Intelligence

With everyone in such close proximity and nowhere to let off some steam, it may be difficult to stay calm. But learn to look inward and understand how you can live your best life. Stay focused, don’t expect too much from people, and never over-commit. Becoming emotionally intelligent is the only true way to grow. 


6. Stay informed

Read newspapers every day, have interesting conversations with friends and family. Do not simply engage on social media or turn on the TV when you’re free. Look up topics that interest you and stay well informed on them!

Every journey starts with a step and every small milestone counts! Read ‘How To Make The Most Of Your Day’ for free here and begin the transformation today!



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