Hindustan Unilever remains one of the world’s most widespread companies across different supply chains. What sets it apart – what lessons helped it market and brand itself to the top? HUL’s Sudhir Sitapati breaks it down – 

  1. Marketing is at the heart of business. Great CEOs are great marketeers.

  2. Marketing is neither advertising nor publicity. It understands consumer needs and solves consumer problems.

  3. Brands are trust-marks with distinct associations for many consumers.

  4. Building brands is a crucial competitive advantage for companies.

  5. The marketing process starts by framing jobs to be done – get who to do what.

  6. It is easier to get consumers to adopt a new category than to get them to increase consumption.

  7. Broad segments are more representative of reality than a narrower segment.

  8. Positioning is being clear on the brand associations you want to own.

  9. Do not overextend your brand. Better to do what you do well rather than do new things.

  10. The best market research is spending time personally with a few well-chosen consumers.

  11. An insight is a ‘contradiction that is obvious in hindsight’. Insight is the soul of marketing.

Go behind the scenes to learn how HUL continues to be a market leader in more ways than one – read ‘The CEO Factory: Management lessons from Hindustan Unilever’ by Sudhi Sitapati, which will be free on 1/10/21.


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