Love stories with a twist

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As we celebrate the Week of Love by giving a flat 50% off on all our romance reads to make your Valentines extra special, we just had to talk to you about some of the steal deals of this show. And these are not your cliche love stories. If you are a digger for big juicy plots you’ll simply love these love stories with more twists than O.Henry! (12)

1. My First Love- Sudesna Ghosh

They broke up when they were 18. Would they grab the second chance at love, especially with a scheming mother who wants to ruin every relationship her son has? (10)

2. My Cousin Sahil- Andaleeb Wajid

A young girl is unhappy because she is engaged to her cousin, Sahil, and they don’t have a connection. After a lot of thought, she tells him that she doesn’t want to get married. What will Sahil’s reaction be? Was telling him a mistake? See for yourself! (16)

3. The Naval Officer’s Wife- Sajita Nair

Shalini, married to Lieutenant Vipul Sinha, is going through a hard time. She’s struggling to keep up with naval jargon and etiquette while also memorizing her husband’s uniforms and medals. She wants to be a good wife but something always goes wrong. Will Shalini ever manage to impress her husband? (20)

4. All Tied Up- Aastha Atray

Anika is a fresh young journalist in search of a great story. Zain is a celebrated, reclusive artist with a dark secret. He wants her, but only in handcuffs. Can Anika handle his dark demands? Especially when she’s slowly but surely falling in love with him. Read to know what happens next! (21)

5. Valentine’s Day- Debeshi Gooptu

Aditya’s parents didn’t approve of his friendship with Manjari. Would the teenager let them put an end to things or was he going to take a stand? (9)

6. My Corona Love Story- Vibha Batra

When Riyanshi decided to go on a solo trip to Paris, little did she know that she will be caught in a Corona lockdown with a rude stranger! Read to know what happens next.


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